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CWT-ASI operates bonded and free store warehouses.

We offer a full range of warehousing services for various commodities such as non-ferrous metals and soft commodities. CWT-ASI’s warehousing services are comprehensive and include weighing, sampling, packing and blending, along with container stuffing and shipping.

CWT-ASI’s clients range from international trading forms, import, export to manufactures and banks. All CWT’s stock and inventory data is captured on state of the art information systems and information retrieval is fully computerised.

Tobacco warehouse operator

CWT-ASI’s is a specialised forwarder and warehouse operator for the tobacco industry. Due to our broad experience in handling tobacco products, we have become one of the leading suppliers of service and solutions to the tobacco producers, trading companies and financial institutions in this specialised field. We supply value added services by offering fumigation services, customs handling, and transportation and shipping solutions.

Our main warehouses are located as follows: 

Johannesburg, South Africa 
Situated in Alrode, 12 kilometres from the inland Port of City Deep, Johannesburg is a 29 500 square meter warehouse which caters for both bonded (SOS and OS) and free storage.

Durban, South Africa 

In Durban, an 18 000 square meter warehouse within 2 kilometres of the Port of Durban also services for both bonded and free storage requirements for all clients.

Beira, Mozambique 
CWT-ASI has a 20 000 square meter warehouse facility to accommodate a strategic gateway for landlocked countries (Malawi, Zambia, DRC and Zimbabwe) for inbound and outbound cargos. Bonded and non-bonded facilities are on offer to cater for all requirements.